Other stuff

The extreme edges of IT and web development might seem to have little to do with each other, but they’re linked by the need to get organised and to communicate. They often overlap in the middle ground.

I’ve set up intranets to help companies retain & share internal knowledge, created systems to track operational performance, carried out online market research, designed marketing material, and so on.

With a healthy curiosity about how the world works, I’ve picked up a lot of experience. When a client first said “I wish I had someone like you working for me,” my answer was: “You already do… how can I help?”

Since then I’ve dealt with clients’ invoicing and ordering, re-negotiated their customer contracts, reorganised their offices, run their online mail order, haggled on their behalf over print advert rates, and more.

Many individuals and small businesses run on minimal resources. Sometimes you might need extra help. I enjoy these ‘guerilla’ assignments and what seems tedious to you might be a new challenge to me.

Please contact me if you need a hand.