IT stuff

You probably want to make better use of IT. Sometimes a lack of planning has led to a spider’s web of inadequate technology. In other cases your existing systems are fine and they’re simply not being used well.

I can help to figure out what’s wrong, then come up with suggestions as to how to improve things. I’ll focus on short-term detail and long-term strategy, ensuring that you understand what I’m recommending and why.

I work with a wide variety of systems, with a strong bias towards hosted ‘cloud computing’ services. I have extensive experience of mobile data working. I can help you to work wherever you need to.

My long-standing corporate IT experience applies equally to the small office / home office environment, so you’ll often find me highlighting issues such as data security, backups, disaster recovery, and so on.

I remember a comedy sketch about the ‘black art’ of IT a few years ago, with the ‘sacred pebbles’ being cast to diagnose a problem. I can help to take some of the mystery out of your own IT facilities.

Please contact me to find out more.