I’ve freelanced for more than twelve years. I’ve worked with a wide range of businesses, sole traders and non-profits, frequently hopping between vastly different sectors on a daily basis.  I love the variety.

Before this, I ran a datacentre providing services to 2,900+ PCs in over 30 countries. This gave me a solid technical grounding. I also learnt a lot about customer service and different working cultures.

I discovered the internet in 1993 and had soon built my first website. Since then, I’ve been an early adopter of social media and ‘Web 2.0’ services. My freelancing combines my personal & professional experience.

Aside from work, I’m fascinated by creativity in all forms; music, photography and visual art in particular. I’ve pursued my own projects, as well as helping to support other creative people in various ways.

Curiosity, enthusiasm, a desire to improve things and to make them simpler and clearer are the essence of what I do. If you have a web or IT issue that bothers or perplexes you, I’m sure I can help out.