How I work

Proposals & Pricing

I can usually provide a fixed price for projects with a well-defined scope. For more open-ended requirements, I work on daily or hourly rates. Most clients buy a ‘bank of hours’ of my time, which they call on as necessary.


I’m based in North London. My clients tend to be located in London and the Home Counties, but I also work with clients further afield. Most of what I do can be handled by e-mail, phone & remote support.


My hours are flexible. I work from home, client sites and sometimes a café or other work-friendly space when I need a change of scenery. I’m never without my phone and rarely without internet access or my laptop.


I aim to provide clear & concise proposals and regular updates. Personal and professional integrity are important to me. If I’m not the right person to work with you, I can usually suggest an alternative provider.

No ‘lock-in’

I work with standard technologies, which means it’s easy for you to go elsewhere if necessary. I differentiate myself via customer service. I prefer you to keep coming back to me because you want to.